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Your Level of Success Is Determined By Your Mindset!

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Attitude Determines AltitudeOne of my favorite sayings and life lessons comes from what one of the greatest motivational speakers Zig Ziglar declared years ago, “It is your attitude, more than your aptitude, that will determine your altitude.” The key to your online success and building a successful online business is keeping your vision and always moving forward. See if these apply to you:


Are Limiting Beliefs Keeping You Stuck?

“Head trash” is that internal conversation people have that is self-defeating, erodes confidence and kills sustained motivation. I first heard about the concept of Head Trash from a boot camp I attended for Sandler Sales Systems. David Sandler introduced the concept as a way to explain why some people succeeded in sales and some failed. Much of the failure had to do with Head Trash and these negative internal conversations. See if these ring true with you:

  • They would never pay that much for that! Do you talk yourself out of proper pricing due to your own feelings and not the true value of your product or service.
  • I can’t ask them about how much money they can afford to spend or what their budget is, that would be rude! Did you grow up in a household where it was taboo to talk about money or ask people how much money they make? Has that impacted your ability to talk about money or budget?
  • They probably would not want this product! Do you lead with the negative to save your precious ego from rejection? If you lead with negative thoughts about why someone would not want to buy, you are right regardless of the actual situation.

Is it You? Or is Everybody Else Wrong?

Are external factors affecting your decisions around starting your business or impacting your reaction to negative outcomes. As I mentioned in a previous blog, online business is really hard, you are going to fail until you make it. Kinda like dating, it is the last person you are with that ends up being the right choice. But what you learned during these “failed” relationships was invaluable to what you didn’t like along the way, which paved the path to “the one.” It is no different in starting an online business and the success or failure of it. See if any of these sound familiar:

  • Other people are successful because they have a lot more money to get started!
  • I don’t have time because I have a full-time job, I have to watch my kids, care for someone, etc…..
  • There is too much competition, no one will every buy my stuff! This creeps in as you start to build your business and start doing research. BTW, this is a great reason to get JAAXY by going premium at Wealthy Affiliate.

You Manifest What You Believe YOU Deserve!

Without a doubt, this is in my humble opinion, the number one reason why people give up after giving it the “old college try.” At the end of the day, we chase the dreams and ideas that we truly believe we deserve. Every path we take is full of road blocks and pot holes and we navigate around them when they are important and you believe you deserve or someone else you are helping deserves. Think about the following and see if it applies to you:

  • Do you do incredible things for your kids but not yourself?
  • Would you climb over broken glass and nails to help your kids succeed? Of course you would!
  • Think about you being the kid who deserves success! Not just words you say, but really believe that you deserve success (however you define it, not just financial)

Can You Re-Train Your Brain to Success? YES

It is said that it takes twenty-one days for actions to become a habit, something that come naturally and you don’t even think about. For many of you reading this, you have years and even decades of habits. For you to retrain your brain, TAKE THE 21-DAY Challenge. Start a new action today and make it a habit, yes it will seem out of place and awkward at first but it will eventually take hold and nothing will hold you back! For those who need guidance I can refer you to incredible programs that can help you with this mindset change. It will indeed be LIFE CHANGING!


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  1. Absolutely right i believe Rob.  Ones level of success is truly determined by the mindset they hold.  I feel strongly about this, but sadly i have had to struggle with limiting beliefs and negative mind chatter a lot. 

    For instance i will sometimes catch myself in the middle of a negative thought and willfully change that thought to something more positive.  Sometimes just by thinking, No!, that is not true in response to that negative thought. 

    Did you see the movie titled “The Secret?”  It is basically how i was introduced to these groundbreaking ideas and they have been a part of my psyche ever since.

    I must say that i still have a few limiting beliefs, so i’m going to try your 21 day challenge.  Not only with habits, but also with my thoughts.  One habit, one thought at a time until i replace as many negatives thoughts and practices as i can.

    1. That is awesome Donald!  Get back to me in few weeks and let me know how the 21-day challenge worked for you!  I did see “The Secret” and it is a great primer for those who believe (or want to try) in manifesting, great material that everyone should consume.

  2. I completely agree, I just recently started selling insurance, and at first I thought that there was no way people would pay that much because I personally would not. But some people put more emphasis on insurance, and to them that price is not much at all, and I lost sells starting out that I could have made simply because I basically talked MYSELF out of the sell! Very good article, thank you.

    1. When I was first out of college, I was selling insurance just like you.  I learned a valuable lesson when a potential customer asked me why I only showed him and his family the “cheapest” option.  I had already assumed he could not afford the better solution and the customer showed me otherwise.  A lesson I never forgot!

  3. Hi Rob

    It is true that you must get your mindset right in order to succeed, as often we put barriers in our way to prevent getting stuff done. You can change your mindset but it does not necessarily  mean it will be for the better. We may exchange one bad habit with another but we do have the chance to improve our lives. It is amazing how quickly  something  becomes a habit especially when we do something  without  thinking about it. Can we change it and  get rid of the little demons in our mind? I think we can, otherwise  you are doomed to repeat the same  thing over and over. 

    This 21 day  programme sounds very promising and we must get rid of this head trash.



  4. It is very apparent to anyone that has tried, failed, succeeded, failed , and tried again that beliefs and you mindset is a big player in the actual success you achieve or the failure you experience. The mind is the messenger so what messages is it conveying to you on a daily basis? It is important to eliminate limiting beliefs and external influences that encourage a poor attitude. I certainly would overcome any obstacle for my children so I know that any obstacle can be overcome. I like your 21-day challenge and it is worth putting it into practice to create a habit that leads to success. 

    1. Great thoughts and observations Lee!  I wasn’t so sure about the 21-Day habit wiring myself until I tried years ago and now I push through this time-frame whenever I hit a mental roadblock.

  5. I am grateful to read this article. This article motives me very much. By reading this article, I want to take the 21-Day Challenge. And my challenge will be to build a successful online carrier. I won’t move backward. I shall keep moving forward to gain a successful online business. 

    Really this topic is awesome. I appreciate this topic very much.

    Thanks a lot for your article.

  6. hello, it is a great and nice feeling to know that someone will create a great website like this and also create a write up on an article like this. it is important to know the power of the mind and what promise it holds when it is engaged. almost anything can be achieved if the mind is set

  7. The honest truth- I’m one of the person being hit by the saying of Zig Ziglar… and this is an awakening moment for me. Thanks for sharing this Head Trash … I will promise to myself to put the trash to where it belongs… thanks for all your good thoughts shared. With you all, I will succeed in this business!

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