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Looking to Start an Online Business Post Covid19? Here are some Ideas where to Start!

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Launching a startup during a global pandemic is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips for starting a business during COVID-19.

Launching a startup is a complicated feat in the best of circumstances, and it’s an especially complex process to tackle during COVID-19. Many people might think it impossible to pursue entrepreneurship in such uncertain times, but doing so might not be such a bad idea. In fact, a business has the potential to survive and even thrive during a global pandemic.

Here are some opportunities and tips for starting an online business during Covid19

  • Fitness equipment and online fitness classes. Most gyms and fitness studios have limited in-person capacities right now, so consumers are turning to fitness equipment companies and virtual classes to stay fit without leaving the house. Build slow and start with a fresh website and training at Wealthy Affiliate. Greatest place for beginners!
  • Home Repair/New Landscaping/yard care websites. Rather than going out or on vacation, people are spending more time at home with family or hosting smaller outdoor get-togethers. As a result, landscaping and yard care  are becoming ever more important and needed than usual.  If you have a passion for home repair, home remodel and landscape this is perfect place to start either with a blog from your experience or tool/equipment recommendations.
  • Gardening Needs. The pandemic has imposed lockdown in many countries. People sitting at home get bored and want to pursue their hobbies and passions. Gardening is a popular hobby among many people and this phase of epidemic gives them spare time to spend on gardening. Through Drop Shipping, this is a good business opportunity for you, where you can start your business of garden needs like pots, seeds, gardening gloves, shovels, hand trowel, rake, etc. You can open an online store and Gardening Products will be Delivered at the doorstep of buyers.

There are a lot of areas that can be great for an online business but we recommend that you think about the long-term as well, post Covid19.  Many advice columns and blogs will recommend businesses that are specific to the pandemic like hand-sanitizers, face masks, paper goods, etc…  But starting a business takes a lot of work, persistence, ups and downs and you want this to take off and keep going.  Time to permanently work from home and “shelter” with your boss, YOU!

Things to Follow While Running an Online Business 

 These points will help you to run your business successfully and earn good profits. Let us discuss these points one after another.

  • Create your Website

 Whatever business you decide to start, create a website to let the people know about the goods or services you are providing. Share the link of your website in your social media accounts so that its visibility is more.

  • Online Payment

Covid19 pose many restrictions on touching especially the paper money. Therefore, it will be convenient for you as well as the customers if you arrange for online payment.  Consider Digital Currency and a company like Coinbase, it is great for international payments.

  • Prompt Service

 Whatever your nature of business is, the facility of prompt service should be your guiding principle. Remember, in the pandemic period, people need things on an emergency basis. Therefore, prompt service is extremely important.

  • Standard of Items

You have to be very careful about the standards of the items you are supplying, especially things like sanitizers, disinfectants or liquid soaps, etc. Remember, this is a condition in Covid19 and if items are related to health, hygiene, prevention, and treatment these items should have a good hygienic standard.

  • Obtain Necessary Permits & Licenses

 The online business pose many official restrictions on movements and the supply of many goods. You have to obtain the necessary permissions and licenses of the respective authorities of your area to start a business.  Some cities require licenses and payment of sales tax/use taxes.




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