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Is GoFounders Legit? Things you need to know

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Is GoFounders Legit? Things you need to know

GoFounders AI

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Things you need to know about

One of the most important things that you should pay serious attention to before making easy money is to check whether the company is a legit.

I understand that it is tough to rely on just the company’s website to know about the company as it is sure to be biased.

That is where InternetBizSolutions comes in, providing unbiased information whether is legit.

We are going to review every aspect of this MLM as a company, and it’s policies to see if it lives up to its statement:

“Dreams are what a life is made up of. Presenting a life-changing earning platform that will not let any single dream go unfulfilled. Powered by the best artificial intelligence technology and equipped with only the required tools, this is the ultimate automated system that will make your life easy.”

We think that GoFounders is Legit, but we will go deep inside this company or platform to provide you a clear picture of this opportunity.

Now let’s understand this MLM company a little further.

What is GoFounders as a Company?

GoFounders is a one-stop solution for all digital requirements for your business. It opens up a passive income opportunity for you through its MLM opportunity.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this platform truly helps your business by automating day to day business activities such as generating

GoFounders Opportunity

traffic, filters that traffic, and eventually leading to final sales. These tools are specifically designed to generate maximum revenue for your business and provide you a better ROI.

This company helps its Founders to have their financial freedom, personal time, and self-operating business.

GoFounders, along with its sister concern company ONPASSIVE offers you a comprehensive suite of effective marketing products, tools, software, and services specifically designed for providing you success in this highly competitive online world.

This platform is not only for earning money, but it also offers you the opportunity to help others who want to be successful in their businesses.

How GoFounders helps the Entrepreneurs?

The usage of AI is surely growing day by day. Entrepreneurs are making use of AI from search assistants and employee management to self-managed analytics to understand user behavior according to their choices and preferences.

There are multiple choices of technologically enhanced tools that entrepreneurs can make use of nowadays. Entrepreneurs rely on faster, smooth, affordable, and accurate modes of marketing.

Ash Mufareh – CEO Founder GoFounders/OnPassive

The entrepreneurs indeed try to search for unique methods of marketing their respective brands, and the GoFounders platform is always there to help.

Now let’s discuss how this platform helps the entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals.

  • Ability to share ideas and thoughts- The entrepreneurs get the ability to share different approaches and strategies with other founders. This will help the business owners to gain helpful insights from other founders as well.
  • Giving Personalized experience to their users- With the utilization of AI in the platform, now the entrepreneurs will be able to contact the users of the websites or social media sites directly. In return, the customers will get much-personalized experience from the entrepreneurs as well.
  • More Effective Automation- All the business-related tasks and procedures are going to be automated. So far, only a few business procedures are being automated, and it is not long when numerous business tasks will be automated. The entrepreneurs will be able to focus on areas that require their attention.
  • Better Insights- Entrepreneurs will be able to track their customer data with the help of AI-powered tools. They can learn about their user’s behavioral patterns and can strategize accordingly. This saves time, money, and effort for the entrepreneurs.

How can you become part of GoFounder and join as a Founder?

You can sign up as a founder through their website or click here to find out more, and the program directly places you to ONPASSIVE admin. If you are an inviter, you can use the link provided by them and register to be a member.

On passive review, Onpassive reviews, On passive reviews, Onpassive review, Onpassive, ON passiveThe Founder’s positions are filled according to the date of joining system, and the number personally paid Founders.

There are two ways to signup as a founder with GoFounders.One through direct signup and the other through invitation.

  1. Direct Signup: You can directly register through the GoFounders website through an invitation link sent from the sponsors. You may visit >> for the GoFounders Login
  2. Signup via Invitation and click on this link here. 

Truth about GoFounders

This MLM company is a product based IT company that allows its members to use its AI-powered automation tools, unlike any other MLM companies that make money by recruiting members and do not have any products or services to offer or sell.

Currently, it is present in 100 countries and has over 540,000 active members. These members have access to all the tools and benefits for free after the launch of the platform. Minimal members can become the actual Founders and can only register by personal invitation through webinars or emails.

Is GoFounders Legit?

Before going straight into the conclusion of whether this is a legit business or a scam, let’s first understand what kinds of companies are called a scam?

Is Legit or Scam? Things you need to know 1Many companies follow Pyramid or Ponzi schemes to run their business, where they do not have any products or services to use or sell. These kinds of companies offer memberships, and they do not promote any products or services. Instead, they only focus on bringing in more members through the already recruited members, and the joining fee is distributed between the other members.

Whereas, GoFounders, as a company, offers AI-Powered business automation tools for its users to use. These tools help the business owners to complete their day to day business tasks at a much lower cost and less effort with maximum results. In return, it provides commissions to active-users using these tools.

Applying this logic, I believe this company is not one of those Ponzi or Pyramid schemes and has no intention of fraud.

How reliable is?

For us, this is a legitimate MLM company with services to offer. That too AI-powered business automation tools to help your business grow.  In fact, GoFounders has released the different modules to the market place that are almost ready for primetime.  Having seen the preview of the AI technology we 100% endorse this company and what Ash has put together.  Though it has be a while since the initial launch of the “Founders” recruitment, the wait is worth the payoff.

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Take a look for yourself and see if the offering resonates with you as it has with us at InternetBizSolutions.  Afterall, it is your business, your money, your time, and your effort, and only you can make the best decision for you.


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